Frequently asked questions

How do I know what t-shirt size to choose?
On the main product page you can find a table with their respective sizes and measures to serve you as guidance. Anyhow, all our T-shirts have plenty of space as they are designed for postpartum.

How do I have to wear the T-shirt? 

The baby should be firm on the inside of the T-shirt (not tight). You must be able to free your hands and notice that the baby is securely fastened.

How is the baby ergonomically placed in the T-shirt?
The right position is the position of the frog. It is very important to place the baby into this position. In addition you have available tutorials on how to put on the T-shirt on our main page video, as well as on our YouTube channel.

Is the T-shirt also suitable for breastfeeding?

Yes, indeed the shirt thanks to its design has some openings that make it much easier and comfortable to breastfeed your baby. You can see the functionality of the t-shirt in our tutorial video that is in our main page and on our YouTube channel.

If I’m wrong with the size, can I return it?

Yes, you can return the unit. For more information please see our deliveries and returns.

How long and how long I can use my shirt?

The T-shirt can be used from birth, as long as the baby weighs at least 2.5 kg. You will be able to use it until the baby reaches a weight of 7 kg (about 6 months).

Where is the Amarsupiel T-shirt made?

The T-shirt is produced entirely in Spain, from the fabric with which it is made, to the making of it.

What materials is made of?
The T-Shirt is composed of a 95% premium cotton and 5% elastane, free of toxic and heavy metals. 
What is the difference between the foulard baby carrier and baby sling shirt? 

Baby sling t-shirt                           Foulard baby carrier 
From birth                                            From birth 
Ensures safety and ergonomy          Ergonomic porterage depending on placement
From 2,5kg to 6-8kg weight              Up to 7kg to 12kg weight 
Skin to skin contact                            Without skin contact
No knots, nothing to learn                Must learn knotting
It is adjustable                                     It is adjustable  
The baby does not bounce                Baby bounce back slightly
Quick and easy to put                         It takes a while to make knotting

Where do you deliver?
We deliver worldwide. Inside Switzerland via Post for 10 CHF. For the rest of the world, please contact us first to get a quotation.
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